Asensetek, Lighting Passport – The World’s First Handheld Smart Spectrometer.

Lighting Passport has the most advanced technology with a control system perfectly integrated with smart devices. You can easily establish good and seamless communication with others and get access to Lighting, Interior Design, Grow Light, and other photometry related markets in a smoother way.

Controlled by mobile applications, the capability of measurement can be constantly updated for users to get the most suitable measurement reports for light and photometry.

BASE 001.151Lightweight and Powerful
At 68.5mm by 56mm with a thickness of 17mm and weighting only 76.5g, the Lighting Passport offers a slim and compact light testing solution.

Accurate Measurements
Measures up to 90 different parameters among the different available apps with up to 8nm Optical Resolution, 50~50,000lux Illuminance Range, 380~780nm Wavelength Range and 6ms~16s Integration Time.

Smart Devices Compatibility
Supports Android 4.4+ based devices, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5C/5S, iPhone 6/6+, iPod Touch 5, iPad Mini/Mini2, iPad 3 and iPad Air.

Remote Data Acquisition
Allows precise and rapid real-time remote light measurements with powerful and flexible Bluetooth Technology.

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You can see an example from the photos below: The product is SORAA LED Lamp, 2700K, 95 CRI, 25 degree.