Who are we?

  • 1996: August was founded as a boutique advertising agency.
  • 2005: PLD turkey (Professional Lighting Design) magazine. www.pldturkiye.com
  • 2007: Started to organize activities focused on architectural lighting design. www.pldturkiye.com/pld-turkiye-etkinlikleri
  • 2014: Introducing the lighting industry to the concept of "innovation" changed shells with its motto and August Technology was born.
  • 2021: It started consultancy services for the digital transformation of building materials sector companies. 

Emre Güneş

Born in 1980. Industrial Engineer. Graduated from Galatasaray University. He played football as an amateur. He played drums with the kuanta group he founded. He speaks English and French.

After 10 months in corporate life, he drew his career on fulfilling his duties within the family business. As editor of PLD (Professional Lighting Design) Turkey magazine, he constantly read, wrote, drew, toured, researched and organized events on "lighting design".

Social media, new trade terms, cloud technology, digital campaigns, SaaS programs have always been of interest. He's an optimization patient. What he enjoys most is automating repe resemented work.

Since 2015, it has been giving digital transformation consultancy to important lighting manufacturers. 

Nur Sun

Born in Istanbul in 1969.

Graduated from Istanbul University Department of International Relations.

He speaks English.

Interests in Volleyball, Photography and Cinema.

In 2010, heproduced the feature films "Snow White" and in 2017 he produced the feature films "Dream Resentments".

Banu Airplane

Born in 1979. High Architect. Graduated from Yildiz Technical University and Istanbul Technical University. He worked on the archaeological excavation, danced, traveled a lot, wrote, drew. He speaks English.

He worked at almost all levels at the Building-Industry Center for 14 years and completed his working period in this company as Marketing and Business Development Coordinator. He ended his private sector career as Deputy General Manager of Seranit Group and General Coordinator at Ferko Construction with the dream of taking part in a freer production process. He has been a world architecture festival judge for five years, agha Han is a nominee of architecture awards. He currently lectures as a part-time faculty member at Medipol University Faculty of Architecture, conducts editorial, speeches and jury memberships in various seminars and conferences.

Architecture, architectural culture, B2B marketing in the building sector, activities have always been of interest. You're passionate about all kinds of beauty done by human hands. What he enjoys most is traveling to new cities with seeing eyes, thinking, writing and drawing on it

H. Kağan Fırat

Born in Istanbul in 1974.  He's an electrical engineer. Graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Lighting. In 1996, he completed his undergraduate education with his thesis on "General Lighting Applications with LED", but it is likely that he was hit by the light when he first opened his eye.

He speaks English. He studied an MBA.

The lighting adventure, which started with stage lighting at the university, lasted almost twenty-five years in different positions from sales to production, from design to marketing in various lighting companies. Talking to the texture of stone, wood, soil, nature; that does not harm what yesterday carried to this day; designed with a needs-based approach; searched for calm, harmonious and controllable lighting solutions. In 2019, he decided to end his long-term relationship with corporate life and try a more independent form.

His journey with light continues.