CoeLux, Experience the Sky.

Coelux_Logo-DCoeLux is a LED-based high-tech window capable of artificially reproducing the natural light of the sun and sky. CoeLux offers a breakthrough opportunity for indoor architecture by creating the sensation of infinite space.

Experience the bliss and the joy of sunny skies anywhere and at any time. CoeLux is a scientific breakthrough, allowing you for the first time to reproduce in an interior space, the physical effects and optical phenomena of natural light, specifically the diffusion and transmission of sunlight through the atmosphere. CoeLux technology recreates the sun and sky allowing you to truly experience the outdoors while indoors.

CoeLux combines three key elements: the latest LED technology which reproduces the sunlight’s spectrum; a sophisticated optical system that creates the sensation of the distance between the sky and the sun; and nanostructured materials, only a few millimeters thick, which recreate the entire Rayleigh scattering process which occurs in the atmosphere. These elements are incorporated into a “high-tech window” capable of artificially reproducing the appearance and the illumination of the sky and the sun, offering a wide range of opportunities for indoor spaces.