CoeLux, Experience the Sky.

As the official distributor of CoeLux Turkey, please contact us regarding all your questions and the implementation and details of CoeLux in Turkey.

CoeLux is a high-technology LED-based window that artificially produces the natural light generated by the sun and sky. Enjoy a sunny eye strain with CoeLux ad you can experience a place at any time.

CoeLux 3 brings together key components: a state-of-the-art LED system that gives the spectrum of daylight, a sophisticated optical system that gives the feeling of infinity between the sun and the sky; and Rayleigh nano particles a few millimeters thick that enable the scattering process (the sky looks blue). This excellent combination offers us a "high-tech window" that offers us unlimited possibilities in interior architecture.

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Current models

1- HT (High-Tech)

The window length is 107 x 52 cm, the ceiling space is 25 cm, the 50 kg model that spends 170W. 

2- LS (Long Sky)

Window length 108.6 x 29.5 cm (LS Ice and Matte) 49.8 x 29.5 cm (x2, LS Array), 30 kg models with a ceiling space need of 50 cm, spending 100W.

3- HE (High-End)

The largest window size is 171 x 85 cm, the need for attic space is 100 cm, spending 300W 350 kg models. 

You can also watch the 7-minute presentation of Emre Güneşto understand the logic behind the technology:

HT25 photos

LS Ice photos

New CoeLux HT25

Deep in the Blue... The thin design of the frame allows for wider perception of the blue sky, creating semi-continuous windows. Blue is the color of calm, peace and balance... For detailed information

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