Cooledge, Flexible LED Light Sheet.

cooledge_ID_lockup_blackCooledge Lighting™ is proud to introduce a cutting edge flexible LED light sheet that provides high quality lighting while eliminating many of the constraints and challenges that existing LED systems impose.
This new medium for lighting combines the mechanical, electrical and LED source together into a flexible sheet of light. Luminaire designs using light sheet can be fluid, thin and minimal in both design and material choices. The light sheet utilizes a highly dense pattern of LEDs on a thin plastic substrate, delivering on the promise of OLEDs with the reliability and performance of LEDs.

Cooledge Lighting Inc. is currently backed by both venture capital and grants from the Canadian Government through the SDTC program. Focused on delivering high quality solid‐state lighting solutions to the general illumination market, the company’s premier product, light sheet, delivers characteristics of OLED with the stability and market readiness of LED.