SLD Laser, The Future of Light Delivered

SLD Laser, in the field of laser-based light source he's a world leader. The company, which can get 1000 umen of light output from the miniature 7 mm surface trapping device (SMD) package, makes a difference especially in automotive, portable light and special lighting applications.

Reaching a brightness level of 1,530 million candelas per square meter (Mcd/m), the SLD Laser already has 10 times higher performance than even the highest brightness LEDs.

With this structure, SLD Laser is in an unrivalled position especially in applications where distance and narrow angle are important.

BMW's new laser-based headlights also use SLD Laser. The relevant article on why BMW Engineers chose SLD Laser, published in Photonics Germany, can be found here: New High-brightness Laser-based White Light Source for Vehicular Lighting Systems

Youtube video to take a closer look at this headlight:

Again, when the SLD Laser SMD and the Kathod lens are combined, a very strong light is obtained. The microspot product with a diameter of 35 mm, 40 mm long and output of 500 lümen reveals what can be obtained from a distance of 1 km and the following images taken from the helicopter over Los Angeles.