SLD Laser, The Future of Light Delivered

SLD Laser is commercializing a new generation of visible laser light sources for automotive, specialty lighting, and display applications. 

The light emitting surface is 350 microns in diameter, corresponding to a luminance level of approximately 1530 million candelas per square meter (Mcd/m2), an industry first for any solid state light source, and about 10 times higher than the highest luminance LEDs.

BMW also uses SLD Laser for their new laser-based headlights. You can see the article of why BMW engineers has chosen SLD laser over other brands from here: New High-brightness Laser-based White Light Source for Vehicular Lighting Systems

To look closer the head-light, see this youtube video:

If you combine the SLD Laser SMD with a Kathod branded lens, you can achieve an impressive result. 35 mm diameter, 40 mm long, 500-lumen output product named MicroSpot, can create great effects even from 1 km range. Please see this video from a helicopter over Los Angeles.