Soraa, Simply Perfect Light.

Pioneering lamps using LEDs built from pure gallium nitride substrates (GaN on GaN™), Soraa has made ordinary lighting extraordinarily brilliant and efficient. Soraa’s full spectrum GaN on GaN LED lamps have superior color rendering and beam characteristics compared to lamps using LEDs created from non-native substrates. Soraa is located in Fremont California, where it manufactures its GaN on GaN LEDs in the company’s state-of-the-art facility.

Soraa was founded in 2008 in Goleta, California, by a team of pioneering professors from the worlds of engineering and semiconductors. In 2007, they made a bet on an LED technology platform completely different than current industry practice, a technology most industry experts at the time considered to be impossible to execute. They bet on Gallium GaN on GaN for their LEDs.

Before Soraa, all LEDs worldwide were made of GaN crystals grown onto a dissimilar substrate: usually sapphire or silicon carbide.

Soraa bet that GaN on GaN™ LEDs would produce more light per area of LED and be more cost-effective than technology based on other substrates. This strategy ran against every trend in the LED industry. But Soraa’s world-class team had the credentials, experience, and vision to make that bet and beat the odds:

  • Dr. Shuji Nakamura, inventor of the blue laser and LED
  • Dr. Steven DenBaars, founder of Nitres
  • Dr. James Speck of U.C. Santa Barbara’s College of Engineering
  • That bet paid off: today, Soraa is the only LED manufacturer using perfect GaN on GaN™ crystals for its products.

Why use GaN on GaN™ LEDs? They’re simply better:

  • GaN on GaN™ LEDs emit more light per LED material than any other LED
  • GaN on GaN™ LEDs handle more electric current per area than any other LED
  • GaN on GaN™ crystals are up to a thousand times more precise than any other LED crystal
  • Only Soraa creates GaN on GaN™ lighting products for tomorrow’s general illumination market. Perfect crystals mean perfect light.