Soraa, Simply Perfect Light.

Think of all the negativity you can think of with an LED retrofit lamp. Low color feedback, halogen-free cold light, a distorted hare, bad image of multiple chips, not working in closed fixtures... Soraa solves all these problems with its self-developed Gallium-nitride on gallium-nitride (GaN on GaN™) LED technology, and full-spectrum,with high coloristic feedback (95 CRI),offers the true halogen experience missed by LED lamps.

In addition, it is very easy to change angle, color temperature, install anti-dazzle lens and throw light on square or asymmetric objects with magnetic lens system (SNAP), which can be applied to 10-degree lamps. The Soraa experience will make a difference in exhibitions, museums, cafes, restaurants, shops, hotels and residences where visual experience is important.

  • You can find the specifications of all products belonging to Soraa lamps and fixtures in a single excel. (There are direct links to datasheets and IES files with technical values such as all lümen, candela, watt etc.)

Soraa Lamps: Mr16 Gu5.3, (12V, 300 mA), Mr16 Gu10 (230V)

Ecosense buys SORAA

Ecosense, a leading LED technology ® announced its acquisition of soraa, a full spectrum LED lamp manufacturer headquartered in Fremont, California. Ecosense, SORAA according to the terms of the agreement

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