Xicato, Making sense with LED’s


You know it when you see it
Ever walk into a space and feel as though something’s off? When bad lighting is the culprit, it can subconsciously affect comfort levels, triggering emotional responses that in the worst scenarios have you looking for the nearest exit sign.

Conversely, things feel much different in good lighting. A mood is established, and you settle in and experience the kind of happiness that makes you want to linger, even though you might not be able to pinpoint why. Good lighting can be transforming, which is precisely why it can lead to increased revenue for retailers, restaurateurs, event planners, gallery owners and corporate teams alike.

Lighting with purpose
True quality of light is about achieving the environment you set out to create. When we develop our modules, we first focus on how we can help our partners attain the perfect light — light that goes beyond just CRI, Lm/W and other industry standards — to ensure an outstanding experience.

Perhaps you’re looking to showcase seasonal merchandise. Or you’d like to create inviting ambience in a hotel, restaurant or bar to aid in upsells. Or you wish to draw a large crowd to a particular space to create a PR buzz. We regard every project as lighting with purpose.

Our foothold in the industry centers on quality assurance not just for today, but for tomorrow. Combining technology with innovation, our expert engineers build advanced modules capable of producing far better light than that of halogen, backed by our 5-Year Color Consistency Warranty. In fact, we’re the only light source provider to guarantee color performance over time, having established the industry benchmark for initial color.

Our ongoing commitment to R&D, our investment in advanced technology and our unique approach enables Xicato and its partners to provide both quality and efficiency, so you’ll never have to choose between the two.