Xicato, Making sense with LED's

Xicato designs and develops high-quality light sources and electronics that enable lighting designers, architects and building owners to create beautiful, connected, intelligent spaces. Xicato's light sources set the standard of light quality and were used in thousands of projects around the world. If you care about the quality of light, Xicato is the first brand you will come to mind. 

By preferring Xicato LED modules, you get colors of vitality and saturation equivalent to those under the sun, industry's highest values at all specific color feedback values, and unique values in the industry in color consistency and module life.

Xicato modules create a full ecosystem with tested third-party independent accessories. The power supplies, coolers, lenses and reflectors of many manufacturers that the buyer can freely choose from are tested and scored objectively and in detail by the R&D center in Xicato USA, and the results are shared with the user in compatibility tables.

Why Xicato?

  • Patented "Corrected Cold Phospor Technology".
  • 1×2 SDCM: Life-onset color consistency is industry best with 1 MAE in vertical and 2 MAE horizontally.
  • Excellent results in all specific return index values (R9, ..., R15) in addition to the classic CRI value.
  • Gai (Gamut Area Index) measure, which also considers the concepts of "vitality and saturation" in which CRI is insufficient.
  • Light quality suitable for medical use, museum and art galleries applications: Artist (CRI 98, R9>90), Vibrant 95 (CRI 98, R9<90, gai="">120) series
  • A complete ecosystem with compatibility matrices.
  • A single and "future-proof" form factor for all the aki values in each product family, making it a great convenience in product design and production planning.