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What is BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modeling, Building Information System) is a 3D information sharing process used jointly by professionals working in the design and construction processes of architectural projects.

Until now, technical drawings of structures could be drawn in 2D CAD programs. With BIM, it is now possible to make a digital prototype of the structure that includes all stakeholder processes. With 2D CAD programs, two-dimensional images can be produced independently of each other in different environments and each can only be updated within itself. With BIM, plans, sections, views and even the bill of quantities are always included in the model in its most up-to-date form.

Just by updating the model, all the information needed can be taken out of the model at any time.

Importance of BIM files in the building materials industry

BIM, which is mandatory in various countries of the world, especially in England, has an increasing usage rate in Turkey due to its clear advantages. The widespread use of BIM has created a new need for the creation of BIM files of products in architectural processes in the building sector, keeping them up to date and sharing them effectively and putting them into use by architects and engineers. BIM files are now included in the technical documents that need to be provided quickly and up-to-date, which is the most important component of B2B marketing.

The fact that the BIM files of the materials used in the project drawing processes are accessible to architects and engineers, ensure that the relevant material finds a place in the project with the brand and necessary detail analysis at the design stage, increases the possibility of its integration into the market and sales, and provides a competitive advantage. While the need for BIM files as a crucial leverage in sales and marketing processes is clear, brands often have trouble creating or keeping these files up to date.

Brands often create one-time BIM files and upload them to their websites, but they find it difficult to take quick action in their daily workflow when it is necessary to add new products, make changes to existing products, or remove products.

Services provided by Ağustos Teknoloji:

Ağustos Teknoloji completes another circle in the digital transformation processes of institutions with the BIM Project, of which it is the representative. First of all, we are doing a preliminary study on optimizing the database for the materials produced by your brand.

Using this database, we ensure that your BIM library is set up and managed over the cloud at a speed that is not possible with conventional processes.

If you want to make changes to the BIM files produced through the database behind, you will only need to make changes in the relevant field from the database. With this method, fast, reliable and up-to-date BIM files will always be available.

BIM Project working principle

BIM Project creates BIM files by placing data from the database on the basic generic geometric form (your product detail can also be worked on as an additional service) instead of a replica of the relevant product in the detail that will be needed during the design process.

In this way, the library that will be prepared specifically for your brand over the cloud is created very quickly and always stays up to date. BIM files, which usually consist of product replicas used in visualization processes, need to be created separately for each product.

Since brands always target this stage, they have difficulty in creating a BIM Library and keeping the libraries up to date. However, accurate data on generic geometries are more demanded and widely used by designers.

Geometry of BIM Files

LOD 100: Closed Box

Only basic geometric forms suitable for structural materials. It cannot be used for products.

LOD 200: Generic Geometry

All products of similar type have the same appearance. Designers prefer to use geometry at this level where they can identify specification-related needs in their design process. This level of automatic BIM file is produced using the BIM Project database.

LOD 400: Detailed Geometry

Products in detailed geometry that are an exact replica of the product are often required for visualization. BIM Specifications do not require this level of visualization. These objects must be produced individually for the product. Since all brands target this level, they have difficulty in creating and keeping the BIM library up to date.

How does BIM Project work?

  • We support you to create a database file for your products.
  • We match your product data with the correct BIM geometry.
  • Users can use the products by opening the cloud link specially prepared for your brand as a plugin in their own software or by downloading them from your website.

With the support of Ağustos Teknoloji;

  • You can quickly create and update your brand-specific BIM Library at any time.
  • You can create a special address for your BIM library, which is open to web-based access, or you can open it through your own website.
  • You can provide easier access to designers by converting your brand-specific BIM library into a Revit, Archicad or Allplan compatible plug-in.
  • As BIM Project Turkey representative, we carry out this process together with you.

For detailed information, please contact us.