Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Consultancy – Pipedrive Turkey

We are lighting-minded people offering digitalisation / digital transformation consultancy services. Our main areas are CRM, PIM and digital marketing. We are true believers of SaaS technologies. Our customer portfolio/target is small to mid-size business owners who want to run things intelligently without huge corporate software bills.

We will not try to convince you why you need to use a CRM system. It’s obvious, you need one. But the question is: Which one are you going to use? There are probably thousands of CRM software out there and believe us, they are not the same!


We are the first (and the only so far) Pipedrive partner in Turkey.

After testing and using many other CRM software, we started to use Pipedrive in October 2014, and since then we did not look back!


Why Pipedrive?

  • Easy to use (Salespeople will love it)
  • See everything (Sales managers or Business owners will love it)
  • Intuitive user experience (Both will love it)
  • Mobile oriented (With great apps both in Android and iPhone, you will do MORE selling LESS manual data entry which everyone hates!)


The sales CRM that makes your life easy, so all you have to do is sell. Used by over 100,000 companies.

If you are already convinced, you can sign-up for a Pipedrive trial using this link: (30 days and no credit card required!)

We have already helped several companies to achieve more with Pipedrive, let us help you too.