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Marketing and sales documentation problems

In today’s business world built on speed, technical and marketing documents related to products are prepared with conventional methods; It is very difficult to produce, develop, archive and keep up to date.

Documentation gains importance especially when sales operations are carried out in different languages in different geographies, but the update problem continues to increase.

If documents are produced in more than one language, producing, updating and circulating these documents with the same content will cause bigger problems.


Now, marketing documents and technical sheets are produced in corporations by the collaboration of multiple departments and third parties working outside the institution from time to time. So;

All kinds of changes, large and small, made in the documentation system, where stakeholders work together, cannot be reflected in the entire system, website, catalogue and technical sheets.

Stakeholders such as:

  • Marketing department
  • Technical Units/ Production
  • Translators
  • Advertising agency
  • Digital Agency / Web Developer

This causes information pollution about products and waste of time. However, in the competitive global world, fast, accurate information and service providers are always in an advantageous position.

Common problems in organizations before PIM implementations

We always encounter similar dialogues in institutions before the PIM systems we propose to eliminate these problems are established;

  • Where is the current drawing of product X
  • What was the ingredient we used in product Y?
  • The data-sheet of the Z product is out of date on the website, can you fix it?
  • The data-sheet of the product X is up to date in Turkish, but the English is incomplete, can you please complete it?
  • The data in the catalog is different from the website, which one is correct?
  • One of the components in product Y has changed, we need to replace all data-sheets, website and related catalog page, how long will it take?
  • The old information of product A remained in the newly released catalogue, but we can correct it in the new edition, right?
  • The new product we produce for export is not in the catalogue, can you add it?

PIM creates the main data source

Source: IDC, 2021
Source: IDC, 2021

Customized data/privacy applications for different customers/channels

  • With PIM applications, you can also decide with whom you can share your in-house data and product information, and in what order.
  • If you wish, you can place generic data and product information on your corporate website and share special, extended, differentiated data in password-protected areas with your distributors, management staff or your designated employees via the customized links you can create thanks to the PIM system.
  • Since all the data is distributed from a single pool, only the parentheses change, problems such as updating different information in different fields are eliminated. All stakeholders at once access the data at the predicted rate as “up-to-date” and “correct”.

PIM as a SaaS solution

SaaS / Software as a Service – Software as a service is one of the newest approaches accepted in the world. With PIM solutions as a service

  • Latest technology
  • Fast and up to date
  • Integrated with most electronic commerce systems and website architectures

Ağustos Teknoloji's services; PIM Consultancy

Ağustos Teknoloji, working with you, develops tailor-made solutions for your institution, supports the establishment and operation of an optimized system for information transfer channels such as marketing, sales documentation, technical sheets, websites, and training your personnel in this regard. Services provided by Ağustos Teknoloji regarding PIM consultancy processes:

  • Identifying needs and goals
  • Targeted management of internal resources
  • Data Structure Design
  • Coordination in in-house setup
  • Training
  • Project Management

In your organization, with PIM applications

  • You can manage the product lifecycle end-to-end with an agile approach.
  • You can shorten product time-to-market worldwide from months to days
  • You can take your place in the new digital world and take a big step towards the digital transformation of your institution.
  • Let’s evaluate together how you can take your “Data” management to the next level.

Sales Layer Turkey Representative


Sales Layer is a new generation PIM solution originating from Spain. With its SaaS-based infrastructure, advanced features and easy use, Sales Layer has strengthened its place among PIM solutions in a short time.

With the successful projects we have realized, Ağustos Teknoloji is currently operating as the sole representative of Sales Layer in Turkey.