Help Turkey!

Unfortunately, Turkey recently experienced two of the biggest earthquakes in its history, one after the other. Major cities in the southeast of the country are affected, with close to 10,000 buildings collapsing. The total number of people affected in 10+ cities is around 15 million. After 48 hours, we have thousands of people still under the rubble. Moreover, adverse weather conditions make it difficult to organize and help in the region. (CNN International:

How can you help?


GLOBAL: (anywhere in the world)

1. AHBAP – One of the most active voluntary networks, active in the affected regions.

– With your credit card, directly from their website:

– With Cryptocurrencies:

2. AKUT – Rescue & Search Association 

3. TPF – Turkish Philanthropy Funds

4. İhtiyaç Haritası’s (an important NGO) campaign which will be matched by the Europen Bank of Research and Development.



1. Neighbor in distress


1. Red Cross which will be matched by the government of Canada.


2. Red Cross:

3Giro555 (the 11 cooperating aid organizations)

United Kingdom:

1. The Turkey Mozaik Foundation


1. You can also raise awareness. Make the world aware of the crisis and help us get help!

2. You can share on your social media accounts.

3. You can circulate information and links within your company. 

Thank you.
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