who are we?

1996: Founded as a boutique advertising agency.
2005: Started publishing PLD Türkiye (Professional Lighting Design) magazine. www.pldturkiye.com
2007: Started organizing events focused on architectural lighting design. www.pldturkiye.com/pld-turkiye-etkinlikleri

Starting from 2014,Ağustos changed it’s path and with the motto of introducing “innovative technologies” to lighting sector, Ağustos Teknoloji was born.

2014 yılı itibariyle aydınlatma sektörünü “inovasyon” kavramı ile tanıştırmak mottosuyla kabuk değiştirdi ve Ağustos Teknoloji doğdu.

Emre Güneş

Born in 1980. Industrial Engineer. Galatasaray University allumni.
Played football as an amateur. He was the drummer of the band “Kuanta” that he founded during University. Speaks English and French.

After spending 10 months in corporate life, he changed his career path in order to fulfil his responsibilities in the family business. As the editor of PLD Türkiye (Professional Lighting Design) magazine, he has constantly read, talked, searched, written and organized events about “lighting design”. 

He was always interested in Social media, new commerce conditions, cloud computing, digital campaigns, SaaS programs. Big fan of optimization. What he likes the most is to automate repeating processes.

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Nur Güneş

Born in İstanbul in 1969.
Graduated from Istanbul University International Relations Department.
Speaks English.
Interested in volleyball, photography and cinema.

Produced the feature films titled; White as Snow (2010) and The Disenchanted (2017)2010 yılında “Kar Beyaz”, 2017 yılında “Düş Kırgınları” isimli uzun metraj sinema filmlerinin yapımcılığını üstlendi.

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Banu Uçak

Born in 1979, she is a Virgo and an architect.  Yıldız Technical University and İstanbul Technical University alumni.  She worked in Asos archeological excavation, loves to dance, feels free while traveling, she writes and sometimes paints. She speaks English and Turkish. She is in love with manmade beauties.

After working 14 years in The Building Information Centre in several departments she left her job as Marketing and Bussiness Development Manager to join Seranit Group, a leader ceramic tiles producer in Turkey. She worked as Assistant General Manager in Seranit Group. After two years, she was transferred to Ferko Group, a leading developer as General Coordinator. She recently changed the path of her career and joined forces with family business Agustos Teknoloji.

Besides her professional career, she has been judging for World Architecture Festival for five years, nominator for Aga Khan Architectural prize. She is also currently a visiting professor in Medipol University Faculty of Architecture. She has always been an active supporter of increasing the quality of the built environment. She keeps editing, curating, giving lectures on architecture.

She was always interested in architecture and culture and specilized in B2B marketing in the construction business with her diverse expertise two decades.

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