Below, you can find the current list of the topics we consult as Ağustos Teknoloji.

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Product Information Management (PIM)
Sales Layer Turkey

You have hundreds (thousands) of products. And are you having trouble keeping up-to-date information about these products everywhere (website, datasheet, portal, etc.)?

Struggling with debugging all the time?

Let’s optimize this process and create a structure that you can manage from a single interface. 100% automatic. What do you say?

Building Information Management (BIM)
BIM Project Turkey

Ağustos Teknoloji completes another circle in the digital transformation processes of institutions with the BIM Project. First of all, we are doing a preliminary study on optimizing the database for the materials produced by your brand.

Using this database, we ensure that your BIM library is set up and managed over the cloud at a speed that is not possible with conventional processes.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Pipedrive Turkey

After using and testing many different CRM programs, we started using Pipedrive in October 2014 and it’s hard to tell how happy we are!

Pipedrive will make you forget all the CRM problems you have experienced before with its easy use, easy customization and mobile-friendly structure. Shall we see together?