Digital Transformation & Innovative Lighting Solutions

Since 2005 as August Technology, there has been only one sentence in mind: "lighting design is a value". And with all our strength, we've tried to get this message to more people. In 2014 "Innovation" for Turkish lighting manufacturers was a second mission for us. Innovative lighting technologies We would introduce it to the Turkish Market. The key word for 2021 is "digitalization". We will use our knowledge and knowledge in advertising, broadcasting, marketing, trade, lighting and new types of software in the digital transformation processes of building material companies.  

Emre Güneş

"The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation. - Robert Iger"


Product Information Management (PIM)
Sales Layer Turkey

You have hundreds (thousands) of products. And do you have difficulty keeping information about these products up to date everywhere (website, datasheet, portal, etc.)? 

Are you always debugging? 

Let's optimize this process and create a structure that you can manage from a single interface. 100% automatic. What do you think about that?

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Building Information Management (BIM) 
BIM Project Turkey

August Technology is completing another ring in the digital transformation processes of institutions with BIM Project, of which it is a representative. First of all, we are doing a preliminary study on optimizing the database of materials produced by your brand.

Using this database, we ensure that your BIM library is installed and managed over the cloud at a speed that is not possible through conventional processes.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Pipedrive Turkey

After using and testing many different CRM programs, we started using Pipedrive in October 2014 and it's hard to tell how happy we are!

With its easy operation, easy customization and mobile structure, Pipedrive will make you forget all the CRM problems you've had before. Let's see if we can work together. 

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LED Lamps (95+ CRI) with high CRI (color back efficiency) with patented SNAP Lens system where you can easily have different light distributions

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98 CRI, 1×2 MacAdam Ellipse, COB and strip LEDproducts , plus solutions such as light source, driver, dimmer etc. that allow you to easily manage any armature, product or system via Bluetooth 

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Real daylight experience. A HIGH-technological LED-based window that artificially produces the natural light generated by the sun and sky.

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Wide range of products with integrated asset sensors in exterior lighting 

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Compact, driver integrated, with plenty of optical options, award-winning products in linear, hidden lighting and projectors

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LED Modules with IP65 options that offer OLED-like finesse and flexibility

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Earth's first mobile spectrometer

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High-grace 3D Flex and Water effect fixtures that offer excellent solutions, especially in curved areas

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Scottish brand that stands out for its compact products with Bluetooth lighting control

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Ready LED Module manufacturer. IP65 AC (including driver) solution and LED Modules for Medical use

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